It has become my terrible cliched mantra, but I am living my dream. You are cordially invited to follow me and share my experiences traveling, becoming a yoga teacher and learning how to write about it all.Angkor Wat

The dawn of a new communication era

In continuing my travels across the globe, and having documented my recent travels across Asia, Europe and the Ameicas I am determined to continue. Despite it all being logged in the trusty travel diary (the old decrepit one I drag everywhere so that I can wheel it out when I develop alzheimers) I have had no way of sharing it all with you health and safety conscious worriers to date. After embarking on a slightly extended holiday I vowed to keep everyone in the loop in a slightly different format.

So as to not upset everyone with the relentless ‘do you have a travel blog’ queries I have technologically moved on.  Fear not, for those of you who love receiving them, I will continue with the trusty parchment in airmail envelope traditions. I will try to post as and when I can to update you all on my movements, wifi access permitting.

My blog evolved beyond the basic intentions of updating friends back home. Now I find myself living in Switzerland and blogging about different subject matter. Whether sitting on my soap box about global injustices, or caving in and writing about my culinary experiments, I am continuing to write, more so than ever.


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