Aerial Yoga for Fearless Inversions

If there is one element of yoga that I have never been truly comfortable with, it is inversions. I can happily master a wheel or an inversion, but anything resembling a headstand or a handstand and I’m out. All the preparation can step nicely in to place. I can even tiptoe my feet forward in to a super upright dolphin, but the second my full weight comes up and over my shoulders, I freak out. After years of practice it hasn’t gotten any better which is pretty sad given that I actually love being upside down. So the only solution for fearless inversions…aerial yoga.  Once you are able to set aside the feeling of motion sickness when you’re rocking around with your head grazing the floor, you feel like anything is possible.
The freedom you feel from being suspended gives a new sense of courage, just like floating in water. You can take this new found courage and run wild, exploring things you could never do on the ground. The best part of all this, is that after challenging yourself for 60 minutes, you get a rewarding savasana like no other, wrapped up in your own suspended cocoon. Well worth trying out an aerial class if only for the savasana!


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