Bur. Ning. Man: Believe


So the time came to finally get a chance to get hands on Burning Man tickets. There I was, sat in a bagel shop in Prescott Arizona with my friend after a yoga class with my heart beating out of my chest. This was largely owing to the iced coffee I’d foolishly consumed whilst waiting in the online queue poised and ready to click. I had barely slept all night in nervous anticipation and / or thanks to the brilliant full moon eclipse.
I was excitedly talking to 4 different friends around the world, in Reno, NYC, Zurich and Tel Aviv all ready to go. With 70,000 people online and only 30,000 tickets available, the odds were against us all. I was trying to remain optimistic the entire time, but getting nowhere close to the payment page, all my friends were in the same predicament. After 30 minutes of torture I received the message I was dying to see coming in from Zurich. Tom had successfully bought a pair and I proceeded to do an excited dance all over the shop, dragging in customers to revel in my infectious delight. After 3 years in the making of failed attempts to attend, this will be our year to shine!
I got straight back to the tablet and hoped that I would be able to buy my friends tickets to join us. After 7 false hopes and 2 hours of trying I admitted defeat. The news came in that it was sold out after only 35 minutes and I had to abandon ship when the shop owners kicked us out. Obviously I was devastated that my friends were unable to get any, but there’s still hope for them to join yet.
It all came down to belief. I was ready to give up before the process had already began, but I was repeatedly told to believe that anything is possible. So I did and it became my mantra. The universe is being really good to me and I am beyond excited to finally attend, time to get costume planning.


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