Gratitude – Practice the art of being thankful


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the very best out of life. We should always evaluate our personal situations to ensure that we are living the life we want and deserve. However, what we should practice more often, is being grateful. The pure sense of joy that comes from assessing all the things we are grateful for in life is overwhelming. Just try it.

Practising gratitude is easy, all you need is a few minutes to sit down and take stock of how unbelievably privileged you are to have such fortunate circumstances. You may only need to do this once and bask in your own bliss. Or maybe this can be a daily exercise to remind you just how lucky you are. If so, start your day by being truly thankful for all the beauty in everything you already have. If you want to share this positivity you can radiate your gratitude out in to the world by simply smiling (its infectious). Better still, tell someone just how much you appreciate them, this in turn will create a chain of events spreading even more gratitude in to the world.

Take time to appreciate all the things that you have, the things you’ve achieved and the people that surround you. Acknowledge how lucky you are to be safe, healthy and loved. All too often we beat ourselves up for not accomplishing the things we are currently aspiring to achieve and take for granted all the fortune. Stop worrying about all the things you don’t yet have. You’re probably already working towards achieving them, so worrying will get you nowhere. Instead be appreciative of the huge bundle of stuff you already do have.

Practising the art of gratitude only leads to positivity, so go forth and be thankful.


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