Apreciating beauty: Full moon sunrise in the desert


One of the most beautiful experiences in nature is still resonating with me strongly. The reason being…I took the time to acknowledge and appreciate it. During my time in India this year a wonderful friend and yoga teacher, Sunita Singh, taught me the importance of taking a pause to stop and appreciate beauty.

All too often we think that we are capturing a beautiful moment by frantically Instagraming it, and before you know it the moment is gone. Sunita explained the importance of taking a few minutes to really let the beauty sink in, in silence, admiring the beauty and really experiencing it. Storing it away in your long term memory along with all the sights, sounds and smells will help you to remember it for years to come.

I was woken around 4am overlooking the desert in Arizona by the brightest, lowest and largest full moon I have ever seen. I’d missed the eclipse but I stared up at it nevertheless for a few minutes before drifting back off to sleep. A few hours later the sunrise woke me again, this time the moon was setting behind the mountains and there was silence beside the dim noise of the desert wildlife. It sounds ridiculous but it was utterly magical. Tears were welling up in my eyes simply because it was the most beautiful thing I’d seen in a really long time because I’d taken the time to really appreciate it.

It took me hours to get ready for yoga this morning because I kept pausing to take in the fading view. We should all stop rushing around. Instead, why not set aside time every now and then to take in all the beautiful things instead of overlooking them or just getting the perfect snaphot. Life is too short to let all this beauty pass you by.



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