Fleetwood Mac: If you book them, they will come.

Fleetwood Mach IOW FM

It was always a life long dream to see Fleetwood Mac. I spent years in hope that one day they would finally cave in and honour one of Michael Eavis’ pleas to play Glastonbury. After days spent in Haight-Ashbury and the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco, I got a feel for what it would’ve been like to witness them in their heyday.
After over a decade without touring the full band line up, I never thought it would be possible to see them in their full glory. But alas my dreams came true when they announced that they would headline the Isle of Wight Festival.
The island itself holds a lot of memories for me, and relatives would go to the original festival as hippies in the 70’s back when the likes of Jimi Hendrix would grace the stage. There was no hesitation in buying a ticket and after countless trains, buses, cars, planes and ferries, I made it to the island and was reunited with my best friend and decade long festival partner in crime.
‘Rumours’ were ironically building building throughout the weekend, suggesting that an undisclosed member of the band was experiencing health problems. There was a huge fear that they would cancel in the camps and in the news, but my Wayne’s World mantra remained; ‘If you book them, they will come’. I kept this up for days. I spread the word with every passerby to send out healing vibes and even reserved a bed with the staff in the welfare tent, should the worst news come.
By Sunday afternoon we were on safe ground and it was evident that they were going to show, I could finally relax. The energy felt amazing and the rain stopped in time for them to take stage. Rumours was my 2015 soundtrack, so it was extremely emotional singing along with childhood friends and a crowd of strangers. It was a healing experience hearing them perform songs so important to me, and even more impressive to witness their power. Seeing a lifelong idol in Stevie Nicks performing her heart out was truly inspiring. With the musical nostalgia combined with festival closing fireworks I was blown away by what will probably remain one of the most influential performances of my lifetime.


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