Fondue and Feuerzangebowle

IMG_0136-0Living in a Swiss nation you’d think its pretty standard to have a fondue as a work social event. Well it is every part the stereotype you have in your head. However working with a number of German colleagues has meant that there was an inevitable Bavarian twist on the occasion. Instead of the seasonal Glüwein we had a rather theatrical Feuerzangebowle. As you’d expect it’s very much a case of fire by name, fire by nature affair. The recipe is much like its mulled wine cousin’s but I fear the fiery version has considerably higher alcoholic content.
You just need a mild red wine, nothing too rich as it becomes syrupy as it cooks. To this you add a cinnamon stick, some cloves and a star anis, and some sliced fresh lemon and oranges. Then for the best bit…the specialist goods. You can order sugar cones online all year round which is he safest option unless you have a well stocked German specialist store in your vicinity. You place the sugar cone on a platform on a platform as the mixture bubbles in a cauldron below. You soak said cone in rum then set it alight. As the flames melt the sugar it forms a syrup the drips into the hot cocktail beneath. You add a ladle of rum as the flames lower and continue to your taste. This is also true for the sugar content. You can add as much granulated sugar as necessary to sweeten it. Obviously the aroma it creates is astounding. Pure Christmas in a mug.
The only appropriate accompaniment for this drink is a good fondue. We paired it with 2 different types a hausgemacht stronger full flavored blend and a milder smoother version. Absolutely delicious start to the festive season.


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