Artichoke gratin


I can take absolutely no credit from this recipe. It was introduced to me by a good friend at a tipsy gathering at university. The dish was presented to us and decimated within seconds. The same has happened every time I’ve made it since. It’s the simplest of recipes but it gets hoovered up like its the last meal on earth.
I have not included any quantities here as it depends on the size of your oven proof baking dish, but you need enough artichokes to cover a thin layer of whatever dish you have to hand.
You need to find prepared artichoke hearts to keep things easy. Either in a tin or as antipasti (for this variety you’ll need to drain the majority of the oil. Roughly chop them into smaller chunks and separate the leaves. Spread them out to cover the base of a baking dish and set aside. In a small bowl mix some mayonnaise with some fresh minced garlic, or if you can find it, some smoked garlic. The flavour is worth the hunt for some specialist ingredients. Season with black pepper a small pinch of salt. Mix together and spread over the artichokes. Stir the mixture until thoroughly combined and compact it down to press out all of the gaps. Then sprinkle a generous amount of grated parmesan on top and bake in the oven until it slightly crisps on top.


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