Going corporate – teaching my first class in an office

yoga suit

I subbed a class for the first time here in Switzerland, not at a studio but in a regular corporate class at the Local 360 offices. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but as soon as I met the students I knew it would be fine. With no time to prepare due to such short notice, I really had to think on my feet. This kind of challenge would be daunting for any new teacher, but the class was so welcoming and they were all so open minded that I didn’t feel any pressure at all. This is such a wonderful feeling when you teach, knowing that people are receptive. the 60 minutes disappeared but I got to chat to everyone about their practice afterwards. Its such a tremendous luxury to have a teacher come to you in your own environment and give classes that conveniently fit around your day. It was further proof to me that you really can do yoga anywhere, and highlighted the importance of building your practice in to your daily routine. We all find excuses, myself included, to skip a day of practice. We’re either too busy, too stressed, or simply too plain lazy at times, but even if you take the time to meditate or practice some pranayama, the benefits can be astounding. It doesn’t need to be hours, 15 minutes of mindfullness a day can work wonders. If you work in an office with a very busy schedule, why not speak to your facilities manager and see if they can find you a space in the building for a regular class with your colleagues. After this experience I’m a full advocate for yoga in the workplace. Give it a try!


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