Baked cinnamon pear oat cobbler

pearThere is nothing I hate more than a grainy pear, that texture when you bite into it and discover that its like eating sand is a horrid feeling every time. I was lucky enough to be given a bag of Wallis pears fresh from picking, but they took forever to ripen and after 2 weeks of rock hard fruits I decided it was time to make a crumble. I looked up many a different recipes and ended up using my own judgement (by judgement I mean haphazardly throwing ingredients into a mixing bowl), and the end result was perfectly edible.
I baked all of the pears cut into chunks with a tiny bit of brown sugar and cinnamon and half a cup of water to steam through in a baking dish. I love cutting through a pear horizontally to discover the tiny star in the middle. I made a cobbler topping out of oats, some flour, butter, cinnamon and raisins and scattered over the top and placing in the oven until it was crunchy on top. Sadly the pear liquor soaked into the topping a fair bit which meant that the fruit wasn’t nearly as soft as I’d hoped for, but it was absolutely delicious never the less. Overall with a spoon full of yogurt it was basically a fancy warm muesli!


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