Birthday BBQ by the lake


As you can see from the ominous clouds in the background of the burger shot below, the weather DSC_0118wasn’t exactly perfect for a BBQ. Nevertheless it was my birthday and I will grill if I want to. We have been donated mister Smokey Joe, an awesome little portable grill so its been a goal to fit in as many opportune grill parties into our miserable summer as possible. I normally have a BBQ for my birthday and this year was no exception. Lakeside at the park in Wollishofen was a bit of a location upgrade, if only the sun had decided to power through. It didn’t prevent us from whipping up some scrummy grilled treat and carb heavy salads to accompany it.
We had my favourite halloumi flatbreads, and a brute of a burger made with cheddar cheese and caramelised onion jam. We whacked out a pesto and spinach penne salad with sundried tomatoes. A stonking spiced couscous jewelled with dried fruits that will be a side dish for plenty of meals for the remainder of the week because I can never correctly portion couscous! To top it all off I whisked up a potato salad with baby new potatoes, yogurt and mint. This is another favourite with only a sprinkling of fresh chopped onion and garlic. I would much prefer some spring onions but this is Switzerland after all and nothing is open on a Sunday!
A lovely day was had by all sipping ice cold apple cider with frozen raspberry ice cubes and the new favourite beer, Brand Löscher, perfect for any BBQ. Once the rain extinguished the grill (pardon the German translation pun) it was time to head over to our favourite pub quiz at the Shamrock Irish Pub. I’m not an expat bar fan but this quiz is superb. If you’re at a loss on a Sunday evening for entertainment in Zurich, head there to get your brain working. A wonderful Swiss birthday indeed.



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