Spatchcocking a chicken



So turns out there is a right way and a wrong way to spatchcock a chicken. Luckily for me it was a 50/50 chance that worked out in my favour on this occasion. I simply used a strong pair of kitchen scissors and snipped through the centre of the breast until it had split in half along the middle. Then I unfolded it and hey presto it was as I had pictured it. On a separate occasion I manged to cut through the bottom leaving the breast intact. When you unfold it this way there is nowhere for the thighs to go and you end up with a rounded lump, so be sure the check before cutting.
The greatest thing about spatchcocking is that the chicken cooks evenly throughout because it is now long and flat, with a fairly even thickness. I simply crumbled a chicken stock cube over the skin, drizzled some olive oil, squeezed half a lemon, and sprinkled some rosemary and thyme before massaging it all in. The result is seriously tasty crispy skin, and if you leave the lemon in the dish it steams into the whole chicken. The juices then run out with all the marinade flavour ready to make a gravy, a sauce or a broth. Its ready in only an hour but transforms any average roast chicken into a super tasty one.


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