Hiking in Wilhelm Tell Land: Äsch, Uri, Switzerland


Following a tiny map from a newspaper cut out we headed to Äsch in Uri to explore the lands of Wilhelm Tell. It started as an overcast day with enormous flies that bit you if you stood still for more than 5 seconds, but soon the sun came out and the gradient increased and we got a good old fashioned family work out. The views were incredible along the way, and surprisingly the paths were empty. We didn’t see another soul despite it being prime summer hiking season. When we reached the top in Oberalp we found a small museum and restaurant with typical mountain food. Everything was homemade of course because lugging things up a considerable hill from a supermarket isn’t exactly practical. The owner also happened to be the winner of a TV show competition to be ‘Country woman of the year’. Her food was sensational, not just because we were ravenous  from the climb. It was delicious produce of homemade bread, sausages and cheese all serve on a chopping board in the shape of a cows head. The best part of the day was me discovering a forgotten Swiss army knife by a stream, not just any old knife, an enormous Victorinox one with all the extra hand stuff like a torch. Just two days ahead of my birthday this was the best gift ever found laying in the grass. On a trip to the bathroom I think I found one of f the world’s nicest toilet views, I think I could lookout at this everyday for the rest of my life and not get bored:
We took the cable car back down the valley to pick up the car and drove on to Lake Lucerne to refresh our sweaty bodies we went for a brief swim with a view of Schiller rock, the place where Switzerland was founded. The water was ice cold but picking blackberries made up for it. From there it was on to the town of Brunnen. On first glances it seems rather touristy but it is a gorgeous lakeside town. At sunset and under moonlight it is unbelievably pretty and really reminded me of Lago Como. We found a restaurant to eat some proper hearty Swiss food and settled on Älpermagrone. We heard the sound of alphorns playing, and to our surprise it was live so we rushed outside to watch them play in the square. It was my first time to see anyone playing this instrument, and as cheesy as it may seem it was actually rather beautiful to watch. The sound it creates is so moving, another nice unexpected treat. What’s more it was not old a full moon but a super moon that evening peeking over the mountains and shining on to the lake which after sunset made the town light up. I slept in the car the whole drive home like an exhausted toddler after a thoroughly lovely day out. Hiking in the Swiss mountains will exhaust you but luckily mountain food is always on hand to fill you right back up again.





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