Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2014

DSC_0146 - Copy

Having heard all about Zürcher Theater Spektakel from our carpenter friend (literally Zimmerman by name and nature) we were eager to check out the site. We have absolutely no excuse because it is just on our doorsteps, a short walk down to the lakeside in Wollishofen and a whole temporary wooden world awaits. The site is literally a spectakel in itself. With string light bulbs and handcrafted stages it is a mini world of street performances and pop up restaurants you would never believe you were still in Zürich. Its such a shame that it only lasts such a short period. I would gladly spend every summer evening down there watching nomads perform. We took ol’ Smoky Joe down with us and had a mini grill party before watching the stages come to life.
The carousel above is a regular fixture here in the city. I have seen it before at the 1st May fayre, yet the whimsical guitar and excited kids being punted round on a hand crafted vessel of jungle animals never ceases to amaze me. Such a simple but insanely cute concept. The second street performer that caught my eye way the tree impersonator below. Yet again so simple you wish you had thought of it yourself, but this is only the first time I’ve ever seen it.
The food is surprisingly well priced for its surrounding environment, but unlike the rest of the city, offers a staggering array of worldwide cuisine choices. From Laosian lapp to Mediterranean seafood, there is truly something for everyone. What’s more the effort put in to creating these temporary eateries is mind blowing. The creativity in giving each eatery its own identity and different from the next is really refreshing. I will be sad to see it all be dissembled but look forward to it returning next summer.


DSC_0156 - Copy



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