Italian inspired BBQ nectarines – like Mama used to make

BBQ nectarines

This is one of the simplest BBQ deserts you can make in advance, leave them in the fridge and bring them out when the coals have cooled down enough to cook them after the meat fest. Everyone is always blown away by the tasty treat which is great because you look like a grill party superstar for very little effort, its the flavour combination that does all the hard work.
The trickiest bit is removing the stones from the centre of your nectarines. You start by cutting off the tops to form a lid, then cut around the stone and remove, creating a core to be filled up with the best ingredient combo. You line the bottom with a small piece of almond marzipan, top up with mascapone cream and then sprinkle with crushed ameretti biscuits. If you feel like it you can even add a teaspoon of ameretto before placing on the lid. You then wrap them in tin foil and form a little handle on top so you can pick them up easier off the grill.
Then you serve to your nearest and dearest who will vow its the best BBQ treat they’ve ever tasted. They should be soft and gooey in the middle with softened necatrine flesh that has caramelised a little around the edges. Its utterly delicious, and you don’t have to have a BBQ to make them, you could put them in the oven instead. Its a recipe my Mum discovered many years ago, and every family member requests them once a BBQ is scheduled. Its an Italian inspired desert found in an ancient cookery book, but its never failed to steal the show.


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