The best secret ingredient to keep in your freezer: Spinach ice cubes



There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new ingredient that rocks your world. I made a wild mushroom risotto that needed a little colour. In the freezer I happened upon a bag of frozen creamed spinach cubes that did just the job. They melt in to a warm risotto like butter and turn everything bright green. You can make your own and keep them in the freezer for ages, only bringing them out a few at a time when you need them. You can add them to pasta dishes or defrost them to add to a soft cheese. Simply brilliant. Handy little guys to have around. I served this risotto with a watercress and green leaf salad, with sour cream and chives, a really nice, light summer dish. But best of all was the setting, in a leafy picturesque garden dinner party setting straight out of a fairy tale. complete with white table linens, proper matching crockery and silverware, crisp white wine and damn fine company. Heaven.


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