Returning to England for a wedding, a reunion and stocking up on supplies


So I had the opportunity to go back to England for a long weekend, primarily for Sarah and Ed’s beautiful wedding, but I managed to cram in a Geography Reunion, stocking up on much needed English supplies and a whole lot of eating!
The wedding was the quintessential English affair in the West country rolling hills of Tisbury. The best bit about attending any wedding…getting to wear a hat. I raided my Nanny’s house full of hat boxes and narrowed it down to three. Seriously this is an impossible task when faced with over 100 to choose from. The lasting memory after getting squiffy too quickly at a Pimms reception on an empty tummy in the sun was the taxi journey to the train station for the last train. I couldn’t pay for the ride as I had no sterling in my purse. However the kindest taxi driver on Earth let me pay in Swiss Francs as he didn’t want to prevent me getting home. What a darling! I then crossed paths with someone I went to university with, who was also attending another Holloway wedding in the same tiny village. As always its a small world.
I spent a lovely day with my Nanny, my second reason for going home, and somehow I managed to decide on a fish and chips lunch. Something I never do, but somehow it seemed fitting. Over the few short days I was at home I managed to eat for England, treating myself to all the stuff I either can’t afford, or can’t source in Switzerland. This includes but not limited to peanut butter cup B&J ice cream, crumpets with Marmite and proper salted butter and last but not least, proper bacon. Thick bacon, none of this wafer thin burns to a crisp nonsense, in a bagel. Heaven to gorge for a few days but I must have gained a few kilos. Kilos to match the luggage I brought back, 17kg to be precise in one backpack, crammed full of goodies that I can’t get in Zurich. nearly a whole kilo of which was devoted to cheddar! I have now stocked up well enough, hopefully to last me until I next return to the motherland.
The last day was spent very hungover at a Geography reunion. It was so good to see course mates after such a long time. Its always a nice reminder to see people you miss, their lives ever changing but they still stay just the same as you remember, hopefully it won’t be too long until the


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