Making the most out of leftovers – chicken and sweetcorn soup



When faced with a left over roast chicken carcass I am always inspired by my Nanny who would make one chicken last 3 meals for 10 kids. We now live in a world where we can eat meat everyday if we want to and produce a great deal of food waste in the process. When I see chicken bones, I just know that they’re full of unlocked potential in flavour and goodness and wasting food is a sacrilege. Making a broth out of a leftover chicken is so good for you and all you have to do is boil it whole for a few hours in water and then drain pulling of any of the meat that hasn’t yet fallen from the bones. I only added a vegetable stock cube and some sweetcorn to this broth because the flavour was already in the chicken. I had marinaded the chicken in lemon, rosemary and thyme that I rubbed in with olive oil and a crumbled stock cube to make a crisp skin before roasting. This is the perfect soup if you’re feeling under the weather as the broth will revitalise you. There’s a reason why people always bring you homemade chicken soup when you’re poorly, and that’s because it genuinely does the trick. I had this with some cheese on toast on a miserable day and it cheered me right up. You can add any flavours you like to it to get a summer or winter soup. You could always add some cream and mushrooms and blend it in a food processor to get a smoother but heavier soup.

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