How to make only a tiny amount of meat go a very long way



We’re always told to cut down on the amount of red meat we consume, something I never find too difficult in a nation where I can’t afford a trip to the butchers. Day to day is usually a fairly vegetarian affair but when I was briefly back in England I was faced with making a meal for 6 out of a tiny quantity of lamb cutlets. When faced with this you feel like a thrifty second world war Grandma, but you have to make a tiny amount stretch, so make a stew! In this case I made a Moroccon tagine, with lots of spices and fresh spinach, tomatoes, dried fruits and fresh nectarines served on a nice Harissa cous cous. I left the meat on the bone and stewed it all day in the slow cooker whole. By the time I came back from errands the lamb was as soft as butter and had melted into tender pieces. The flavour and juices infuses the whole stew, so if you bulk out a tiny bit of meat with lots of veggies you really can make it go a whole lot further, saving you pennies whilst having the extra benefit of being healthier for you.


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