Street Parade 2014



Its quite difficult writing about Street Parade after writing blog posts about Notting Hill Carnival, Rio and Salvador. By comparison, Zurich’s Street Parade seems like a tea party with your grandparents. It started with humble beginnings of only 1000 dedicated techno fans back in 1992. Which makes the event older than my boyfriend who attended with me this year (a bit cringe but Glastonbury is as old as my mum!) I begrudgingly went along knowing full well that the music is not at all to my taste, but had a ball nonetheless. Nearly 1 million people  attended again this year on a day where we miraculously had sunshine which only added to the party atmosphere. One of its redeeming features, despite me disliking the music genre is that the organisers stuck to their roots and kept with the original theme. There is no doubt that most of the people in the crowd are off their faces which isn’t always a pleasant sight, but I don’t deny that I probably couldn’t have enjoyed myself without the aide of gin.
Its genuinely pleasing to see the city have a little life in it for a change. With all the tourists wandering the streets it makes you think of the potential Zurich has to be a world city if only it had more to offer and a bit of atmosphere. The biggest downfall is the litter. I have my qualms with this city as much as the next person but you can’t fault it for its usual immaculate litter free cleanliness. Within 24 hours the city centre looked as though it had been struck by a nuclear holocaust. The streets were pure filth, knee deep in litter, with rivers of piss. The toilets are unaffordable for the visitors and there is hardly a bin in sight. No wonder it gets a bad reputation every year, because the city doesn’t provide the infrastructure to cope with one million new temporary inhabitants. All that aside I had a rather nice parade, parties in 3 separate stages and managed to meet the girl pictured above. 10 out of 10 for effort, I’ve never seen such painstaking hair colour work for a party. Good effort!



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