Cannot believe I actually baked and the final products were edible


So I finally baked. Its not something I ever do, mainly because I’m not one for closely following a recipe and baking requires precision so the end results are never usually quite right. I needed to get a cake for an 18th birthday so I thought I would bake instead of buying one seeing as I’ve basically become a housewife. I tried to find recipes that would use up the ingredients I already had in the fridge so I did my usual trick of just searching online by typing in the list I have and hoping for the best. Luckily I stumbled upon a recipe on the British Larder website for baked cherry and almond cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. The cherries on top for decoration makes them look like something out of a shop window. I have always loved marzipan and baked with warm cherries they were absolutely delicious.DSC_0047

The second attempt sadly went a little more haphazardly. I found a recipe for a lemon and lavender drizzle cake on the Baking Inspiration website. I made the first one perfectly in a fancy over with an setting that allows you to brown the top for a couple of minutes. When I returned a few moments later it had blackened the top, for a good centimetre layer of burnt top. Luckily it was salvageable, after letting it cool the top was cut off and I cut it in to cubes and added a tiny drop of icing on each of them and a candied piece of lavender. They were edible after all but I was so annoyed that I made a fresh one and decorated it with fresh lavender sprigs from the garden.

Baking is a lot of effort but worth it when there are plenty of people to eat the results for you and especially for events. Nothing beats using someone else’s kitchen full of baking supplies, particularly when its equipped with a dishwasher too.DSC_0050


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