Sanapurna Ayurveda and Yoga Studio, Zürich

Poonam Sanapurna

(Poonam pictured above during the studio renovation process)

If there is a single project to draw inspiration from here in Zürich its this. Sanapurna Ayurveda and Yoga Studio on Militärstrasse now feels like my second home, there are a number of reasons why. One of which is the familiar sensations that take my memories back to India. Thomas’ personal tea blend evokes a deep taste memory that reminds me of my daily morning tea drinking ritual in Rishikesh. What’s more there is constant subtle soothing music played throughout, often the Gayatri mantra that I find myself singing as I float out of the studio. The smell of the oils emanating from the ayurvedic rooms conjure up warm feelings of deep massages.  But first and foremost its due to the wonderful people who run it. I truly felt welcome from the second I first stepped in the door, now just being there is always the highlight of my week. Poonam and Thomas have a wonderful story of how they built this fabulous studio. They believe in community and want to provide a haven for all, you can read more about this on the Sanapurna website.
They are currently looking for volunteers. The community feel is genuine because there is a team of dedicated volunteers that assist in studio maintenance. If this is something you feel interested in please view the Ron Orp ad for further details.
If you don’t wish to volunteer but would like to take some classes there are also some brilliant summer promotional offers. Try a class and see for yourself, the studio alone is enough to make you want to come everyday, but the teachers are superb to boot. You can check out the schedule here, or pop in to see for yourself.
This is a studio I wholeheartedly believe in and I feel very privileged and truly grateful to see such lovely faces and warm hearts every week. So a big thanks to Sanapurna for letting me be a part of their community and creating my new home from home.


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