Are England’s austerity measures to blame for such a poor World Cup performance?

England loss

I found myself in a minor stupor this morning over England’s incessant need to whinge about the poor performance of the football squad at the World Cup. But maybe we need to look a little beyond the effects of Brazilian heat, after all they were training in thermals right? The reaction of devastated fans is surprisingly nice to witness. Not because I enjoy other people suffering in despair, but because their passion for something so trivial is awe inspiring.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if everyone took their anger out on the government’s austerity measures in the same way.
If everyone took to the twittersphere and Facebook to rant about their frustrations regarding the poverty levels in England, maybe MPs would be impressed by their electorate’s passion for something a little less trivial than a game.  After all one fifth of people are currently living below the poverty line. That means parents are struggling to juggle minimum wage jobs to keep a roof over their children’s heads whilst their starving elderly relatives fall victim to food poverty.
Maybe this is why the squad are performing so badly this year. It could be that they are plagued by the guilt of knowing that their supporting nation is on its knees. Not in despair about a football match loss, but because they are desperate and penniless, thanks to top earners dodging taxes whilst benefits are cut left right and centre in the name of austerity.
Now I’m not trying to prove a direct correlation between football and poverty, but the system we are suffering in is flawed. The squad is paid millions every year to kick a sodding ball around a pitch. The inequality between the rich and the poor in England is staggering. I was in Brazil recently, just before the world cup, and having looked the nation for its inequality throughout my years of studying geography, I was still shocked by the remarkable bluntness between those who thrive in this beautiful giant country and those that don’t. Witnessing first hand the blatant political corruption and suppression of the masses that wish to speak up against atrocities really hit home. But you know what, Brazilians despite feeling that their actions and words will fall on deaf ears, do something anyway. They speak out, they turn up at demonstrations and they express themselves to hold their leaders accountable. It would be an incredible sight if may Britons did the same tomorrow. There is an anti austerity march this Saturday 21st June in London, I urge anyone that reads this to join. For more information visit the website.
Do it for people that can’t make it (sadly I’m included) but more for the likes of the lovely golden oldies who can’t leave their homes, or the people working extra Saturday shifts to bring the pennies in. This winter we want to see our grandparents with food in their fridges and heating in their houses. They struggled like hell to give our ‘glorious’ nation everything it has, isn’t it time we gave them something back. Something has to give, maybe some of the wealthiest 104 people in the world in our billionaire capital of the the world could show their face too.

starving pensioners


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