Hungarian food – Introducing the Lángos

DSC_0745Here’s a new cuisine to try out…Hungarian food. There’s a whole world beyond goulash, which happens to be one of my favourite dishes full stop. The cuisine has a surprising amount to offer the hungover and hungry visitor. A thoroughly filthy snack comes in the form of a greasy Lángos. They come in all manner of flavours but a classic sour cream and grated cheese seems to be the most traditional. I had that but with a bit of red onion and bacon lardons added for good measure. It was a heavy night after all.
Its basically fried breadm but it has a really pliable doughy consistency unlike its crispy British cousin. The taste combination is awesome, but reserved only for those pursuing the hair of the dog, in any other circumstance you might be disgusted at yourself for eating a dribbly one on the street in broad daylight.

DSC_0775Lucky for me I was travelling with a lovely Hungarian, with an even lovelier set of grandparents in town. We were spoiled rotten with food by the bag load. The most delicious of which were the amazing cherry pastries pictured above. They stayed moist for days and just melted in the mouth. A bit like a bakewell but no fondant icing, the real deal with flaked almonds.
Next up is the copious amounts of fried chicken, worlds apart from KFC, really good home seasoned crispy chicken fillets, in a bag to go for the car obviously. There must have been 2kg which lasted a good 3 meals, we made the most awesome of burgers with some Austrian seeded rolls, lettuce and mayo using them. But every now and again someone would just eat a piece as a snack. Outrageous behaviour!
What fascinated me the most was the sheer ingenuity to transfer a tiny apartment space into the most incredibly functioning kitchen. Our friend’s grandad used to be an engineer and the kitchen was will with hand made instruments that didn’t require electricity. Every nook and cranny had been well though through and hand crafted out of wood to maximise space, it was like a narrow boat gully kitchen but on the top floor of an apartment block. Such a treat to be invited in to such a hidden home. This just reconfirms how much I love the elderly, a wealth of knowledge being poured into amazing cooking.DSC_0777


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