Roasted garlic and caramelized onion marmelade

Living in a country where you can’t get hold of all the things from home that you know and love, leads you to take drastic measures. In this case it led to jam making and now that I’ve mastered it, the obsession has well and truly begun. surprisingly it was an absolute doddle so the quest for finding jars is never ending.
I took the risk of just applying the same methods as the Nigella chilli jam recipe and swapped the peppers for onions and garlic.  I started by wrapping 2 large garlic bulbs in foil and leaving them in the oven to bake. Then I softened 600g of finely chopped onions (again by hand may I add), in a knob of butter and a drizzle of olive oil. When they had reduced down I added a good dash of balsamic vinegar and thyme and left on the heat until most of the liquid had evaporated and I was left with a sticky sweet onion mush.
Then I added the roasted garlic, as delicious as it was, looked really disgusting because you have to squeeze all of the gooey garlic out of its casing. Granted it looks horrific but the smell is delightful and the end product is worth it. The bitterness and overwhelming garlic taste disappears when garlic is roasted in the oven, and it gives way to a sticky sweetness, perfect for marmalade.
Its always worth cooking a bit extra because you can siphon some off and put to one side to add to some crusty bread and grill it. I did this but with flat breads to go with a pasta dish, which made a superb garlic bread (recipe to follow).
This time I only made 700ml as I was unsure how it would turn out. Luckily it was a great success and I’ll be sure to make it again. For now I can enjoy it with warm spinach and goats cheese salads, or simply jazz up a bit of cheese on toast. I’m also really looking forward to a summer or BBQs because it will go great with grilled sausages too.


2 thoughts on “Roasted garlic and caramelized onion marmelade

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