The last of the jalapeño chilli jam spurred me into getting ahead of my years

DSC_0692So I’ll admit it, I’ve gotten myself into jam making, well ahead of my tender years but with good reason. The chilli jam I know and love ran out in less than a month, and after trawling every establishment in Zurich I caved in and decided to test the water and make a batch.
I decided to tone it down a bit to take the edge of the chilli heat with some sweet red pepper, but some mouth fulls of this jam still really pack a punch.  I opted for Nigella Lawson’s recipe which as always is blissfully simple. Her ‘rollicking boil’ description nearly brought me to tears when reading it. As did the chilli cutting. So much in fact that it took two days for the burning to stop. I had to either soak my hands in a cup of milk or run them under cool water just to stop the fire.
I don’t have access to a food processor so I hand chopped and de-seeded 150g of fresh chillies. It was a big mistake, but the end product is so worth it. I can finally add it to my beloved halloumi and garlic mayo wraps again. Chilli jam also goes beautifully with a good strong cheddar, not that I can find any of that out here either, but I won’t be resorting to making any of that any time soon. I’ve always been put off from making jam as I thought it was a very scientific process with thermometers and accurate gelatin boiling points. But this was a bloomin’ doddle. Nigella Lawson always manages to simplify everything and thanks to the success of this first batch I’m quite encouraged to make more. But I’ve managed to make 1.25 litres out of this batch, which should keep me going for the time being.


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