Spaghetti a la carbonara, just not as you know it

Here in Switzerland it is pretty easy to get your hands on Speck, just as I mentioned in the Älplermagrone post, and this makes for an almighty carbonara. But seeing as I`ve overdone this recipe to death it was about time I jazzed it up a bit. Taking inspiration, as you do for variations on Italian classics on Jamie Oliver`s Recipease website, I conjured up this new bad boy. Spaghetti a la carbonara with peas and courgettes.  The rich creaminess of the eggs and cream with the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the peas and courgettes was a marriage made in heaven. Simply fry off your speck, pancetta or bacon first and then add the courgettes in the normal carbonara way, then just before you add the cooked spaghetti cream and eggs, throw in a few frozen peas for good measure. Its always nice to try something new and the variations of green brighten up the standard recipe and make it look a whole lot more appetizing. Grate some parmesan and black pepper on top to serve and voila, a more colourful version of a favourite classic.

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