1.2kg of cheese + 1kg of bread + 1 medium cauliflower = 1 giant fondue

Having spent only 3 weeks so far here in Switzerland, its quite impressive that I have already had two fondues. This is the photo of a mini one I shared, like a cheesy snack, so over indulgent. The second one was more justified as it was a sociable event with two airbnb guests from Holland. It was only right that we showed them some traditional Swiss winter dishes on a rainy Easter weekend. for five people we managed to consume a kilogram of bread with 1.2kg of molten cheese and a medium cauliflower. This was seen as rather uncouth for a fondue, apparently only bread should be dipped in melted cheese. However seeing as I grew up with delicious broccoli and cauliflower cheese in England, I thought this would be the ultimate meeting of two cuisines. It was rather delicious if I say so myself, and despite being slated for my unconventionalism it went down well with everyone else too. There are quite a few variations on what you can add to a fondue, from garlic to kirsch, wine or mustard, but cauliflower is just taboo.
I’ve always claimed that I would be a waif like figure in the absence of bread and cheese. It goes without saying that no one would normally consume 250g of cheese in one sitting but aided by a couple of glasses of red its quite easy to see how easy it can be.
Like any good fondue the best bit comes at the very end when you have to scrape the rock hard bit out of the bottom of the pan. This time it was a good centimetre thick. Words cannot describe this deliciousness. It beats any cheese on toast you could ever imagine.


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