Housewarming – a good reason to reinstate my crafty side

With an entire empty spare room until our lovely new lodger moves in, I am living the dream with what is currently a ‘craft room’. We had to hold the obligatory house warming party and decided to give it a theme of ‘The Americas’ in light of our recent travels. We went all out with decorations, food, drink and fancy dress costumes. We found American frat party style red cups at another party, and filled them with beer pong, mojitos and caipirinhas (using up the very last of our cahsaha). We made snacks of PBnJ toasts, popcorn and guacamole with nachos. But last but not least is the fabulous costumes, everyone made a huge effort, including my very own 10 hour mask making stint.
I already had everything to hand to be a Dia de los Muertos lady once again, but Seb wanted to be a Mexican wrestler. It was impossible to get a mask delivered in time so I had to fashion one out of whatever I could find in our local fundsachenverkauf a shop that sells things found on public transport, a treasure trove of goodies. We found a black H&M ladies girdle to make the mask and a long red silk skirt to make a cape. The picture above shows the template I drew up to cut shapes out of foam. I used the cutaway piece of red silk to make the details for the mask and got to stitching. I simply ties the fabric around Seb’s head and pinned it in place. Several hours late we had the finished article, of which I’m rather proud of if I do say so myself…
Sadly there was no room for the mustache so they became eyebrows instead. The rest of the family joined in with the craftiness, I think the Toucan creativity completely stole the show.
After a solid day of cleaning the house is finally free of skateboard marks, guacamole and handstand evidence. I can safely say it was officially warmed!


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