Moving from one World’s most expensive city to another

Well that was one big blur to say the least. I joked before returning to England that I would be here no more than two weeks at best, and it was right on the money two weeks exactly almost to the hour.
We were offered a flat in Zurich that just couldn’t be turned down so I am swapping London, one of the world’s most expensive cities for another. The entire time span from initially discovering the apartment to accepting the offer was a mere 48 hour period. This left me with only a subsequent 24 hours to book a coach and pack my entire life into just three suitcases. In this time I even managed to get out and buy the rudimentary supplies (Marmite and Jalapeño Chilli jam, the most ludicrous of first world demands).
I certainly didn’t anticipate that things would move this quickly, after all finding somewhere to live in Switzerland is no doddle. I’m rather hoping that finding a job is just as easy, after all the referendum talk I’m a little apprehensive about affording a coffee let alone rent. However I’m really looking forward to living in a new city, improving my German and seeing my friends for weekend visits from their neighbouring European cities. For the first time in a long time everyone is more on the doorstep than ever.  Despite being in yet another country, Switzerland a whole lot closer that a 12 hour plane journey.  Which is something my friends and family are finding reassuring after a couple of years of terrible Skype connections.
What’s more my new home is just a three minute bike ride from Lake Zurich so I’m hoping for some summer swims. Now time to finish packing before coaching my way outta here. Fourteen days in England has flown by and this was the necessary kick up the bum to relocate me, before I got too comfy in old familiar surroundings.


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