Rejected Couchsurfing request based on the recent MEI referendum – is this guy for real?

So I spoke too quickly about only having superb Couchsurfing experiences. We have been beyond lucky with the hospitality we have received from hosts all over the world, so as you can imagine I was more than a little shocked when opening a reply to a polite request last week. The message really took me back, granted the day before I had been rejected by a gay couple because they didn’t accept females in their home which was bad enough but this took the biscuit.  How you are not supposed to take being discriminated against based on your nationality personally, I will never know. Couchsurfing is a group of like open minded people in a community with open doors to people from every background. I really don’t think this guy fits the motif.
But this goes to show the sheer impact of the referendum in Switzerland and how it effects completely the wrong cohort. First of all Erasmus removed Switzerland from its programs which only inhibits students who wish to study overseas. They aren’t exactly the ones voting for an increased migration quota are they, nor are travelers who wish to share their experiences with people around the world regardless of borders. In part I agree that Switzerland should feel the effects of its recent decisions, but it should stop harming the people who never voted in favour of it in the first place.
Not only is the Masseneinwanderungsinitiative a ridiculous policy for a nation with over 20% of its population made up of international migrants, but it is probably the longest policy name in history. The MEI has brought about much controversy but I think it is high time that people understood how others are affected indirectly on a personal level as a result of this ‘democratic decision’.


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