Closed shoe vs the flip flop saga

All along your travels you will inevitably face the dilema of deciding which shoes to pack. Early on I decided not to pack hiking boots in favour of the dashing velcro sandals with socks combo. I managed to survive the Americas with only a pair of flip flops, velcro sandals and espadrilles.  Two of which perished early on in a thunderstorm in Mexico. I knew that I could rent boots in hiking locations and save myself lugging unecessary weight. In hindsight it was completely worth it. My toes have been naked for most of this trip, and boy does it feel good. I’m dreading returning to Europe and wearing socks again after 6 months without. So if you find yourself packingnfor mostly tropical climates and you think you can cope without a closed shoe, makenthe right decision and leave those monstrously cumbersome hiking boots at home. Just don’t, like me, get in fights with the idiots that rent you them!


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