Trippiest Shavasana EVER at Healing House, Cusco

healing house
Whilst adjusting to the altitude and recovering from 30 hours sat on a bus, I decided it was high time to find a yoga class. I desperately needed to relax my muscles and prepare for the next few days of hiking ahead. We really lucked out and found a mid morning class at the Healing House in the San Blas district in Cusco.
I had an incredible class, the studio was packed mat to mat. The intensity was heightened due to being in the highlands, making your heart and lungs work that little bit harder. It was wonderful to really push yourself in a class that under normal circumstances wouldn’t phase you, it added a whole new element to proceedings.
The best bit of any class can often be a good Shavasana. Without taking that bit of time to reflect and absorb the class you don’t take stock of everything you achieve and walk out the studio unappreciative of your hard work. That class really was hard work and having an extra long guided meditation at the end really did the trick. I had the trippiest Shavasana ever! I was hallucinating my way through a Seven Nation Army video style vision. Traveling through repeated triangles with fluttering eyelids. It was truly magical and I floated out of the room. Quite possibly one of the nicest reflecting yoga moments I’ve ever had, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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