Stand up paddle yoga in Bocas del Toro

SUP yoga

If you are proficient in yoga and you feel like you would like a new challenge, or if you simply want to try something fun on the water than stand up paddle (SUP) yoga is for you. Never have I had my balance tested in such an intense way before until I tried doing a round of sun salutations on a paddle board. I was practicing alone on an absolute mill pond, but the slightest of waves or wake from a passing boat is enough to throw you off entirely. Luckily it combines 3 of my favourite things, swimming, yoga and surfing all in one package.
I was fortunate enough to try it out by renting an SUP board for an hour in Bocas del Toro, Panama on boxing day. The bay on Isla Carenero  has absolutely perfect SUP conditions with seemingly never ending flat ocean and the views are breathtaking. So after you have finished a session you can paddle around and explore the surrounding area. What’s more the water is really shallow with a sandy bottom so if you fall off its really easy to push yourself back up on to the board again.


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