Changing flights on rtw tickets

You may have booked a round the world flight in advance of setting off on your travels in hopes that it will save you a few pennies. It can indeed save you huge sums if you find the right agent to piece everything together. You may also decide to opt in for a flexible pass that allows you to change dates on your flights. This in theory is a fantastic idea as it allows you to make changes along the way. If you fall in love with a place you can stay for longer, or if somewhere doesnt live up to your expectations you can get out of there sooner. But before you go ahead and buy one, think about it properly first. You are usually under no obligation to buy them when you buy the flight, you can hold out and buy them if you actually need one. You have to bear in mind whether the cheapest flights will still be available last minute, if your proposed date change is around Christmas for example you’ve got no chance unless you want to pay the additional premium.
I made the mistake of buying one not knowing that you can buy them at a later date. When I then tried to use my pass to change a flight date I was told there was no availability at all for the next 6 weeks. Instead I was better off cancelling altogether, swallowing the £100 cancellation fee per flight and rebooking entirely. This is what I did and somehow actually saved money but now have no opportunity to use the flexi pass.
Everything was booked in person in STA Guildford, the staff there are fantastic and really helpful, without them I would be stuck with my original flight because the STA 24 hour online help team are essentially useless. It took over 2 weeks to sort the change out with constant emails back and forth. They finally informed me that this was not something they could sort out and I should contact my branch directly instead.
So really do think long and hard about whether a flexi pass is necessary up front, because chances are you really probably don’t.


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