All yours, papusa, papusa, papusa-ya-ya


El Salvador was never really on the prioroty list but after receiving a strong surfing recommendation it seemed worth a visit. The first night was spent in San Salvador in a coakroach filled guesthouse that our taxi driver sought out for us. We crossed the border much later than we hoped, thanks to more delays with several buses so didn’t see much heading in from the north. We stepped out for breakfast in the morning, the best one yet on our travels, a standard desayuno typicos but cooked to absolute perfection, breakfast with decent flavours for once, hooray! In asking for help in locating ourseleves on the map, the cafe owner allowed her son to personally walk us to the bus station, which was a huge sigh of relief because we would never of found it alone. He did however cut through streets with the highest number of automatic weapon armed people I have ever seen in such a high concentration. We arrived in the searing heat and fish scented town of La Libertad before heading on to the surfing town of El Tunco, where we struck gold in finding the best hostel ‘la sombra’. We got heavily involved in some serious Tichu tournaments a Swiss/Chinese card game whist the rain came down and dabbled in some more surfing. The waves are perfect at el sunzal catering for all capabilites including my own giant foam board ineptitude. The cutest thing by far was the beautiful retriever that used to wait for his surfing owner at the shore, excitedly checking everyone coming out of the waves with a board and then looking immediately sad realising it wasnt him.
Sincere apologies for the Babooshka ode to Kate Bush in the title of this post but pupusas are the national dish and everytime I ate one this alternate version played in my head. They are delicious but really filling which is necessary after a day of catching waves but I watched a guy eat 6 in a row! 3 for a dollar, which is also the nation’s national currency, everything is in dollars which makes the mental maths a bit easier when paying for things but on the whole stuff gets more expensive when prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Really sad that we couldn’t get the flights pushed back whilst in El Tunco, it meant that we had to mission it up to Honduras to fit in some diving. With less than 2 weeks to make it to San Jose to get our flight it is a tall order to make it from the Pacific up to the Caribbean on chicken buses, but by hook or by crook we are going to make it because the fish aren’t going to see themselves! Just really sad to be saying goodbye to El Salvador so ridiculously early, I really liked it here.


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