You’re so unBelizeable


It is really hard to sum up Belize, not only because we had such a short period of time there but because it is a complete anomaly in central America. We stayed on the island of Caye Caulker but the whole country may as well be an island, separate from it’s bordering neighbours and better suited to the Caribbean. It has afro Caribbean inhabitants speaking English with heavy Caribbean accents yet its surrounded by Spanish speaking countries. You could easily be in Jamaica or Barbados but this tiny country stands out as an old ball. It has the world’s second largest barrier which drew us there, but the blue hole was sadly not an option as diving in this expensive nation would have bled us dry. You can see why America poaches Belizean basketball talent, they are exceptionally good ballers! We watched in fascination for ages whilst the tiniest of players moved at the speed of light.

The sand fly population ate me alive from head to toe along with some other people on the island but my attention was swerved away from scratching due to the two puppies that lived at our hostel, an amazing RV wagon that had been converted in to rooms. We decided to snorkel the barrier reef instead of diving to save money. It was great to swim alongside rays and sharks but the water was so shallow you had to constantly navigate the coral to ensure you didn’t scrape it. The island is a tiny village yet it has it’s own Chinatown due to an influx of shop owners from Taiwan, so you can get delicious Chinese food, the cheapest food on the island as a takeaway and walk out to the end of a pier to eat it with your feet in the water. We ate some great Caribbean food too mind at the little kitchen and some sweet potato cake on the street for desert. We even managed to cook for ourselves, using coconut machetes to chop onions mind.

All in all island life is expensive as to be expected but Belize was just a little bit beyond our budget which is a real shame because it seems like a great place to hang out, just to give a real sting on the way out you also get whacked with a colossal exit fee at immigration. We passed some really nice little towns close to the border that would have been worth checking out, just wish we had the money to stay a bit longer.


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