Currency exchange


Occasionally you find yourself crossing a border packing a load of currency that you simply can’t shift for love nor money because the sharks are offering absolutely horrific exchange rates. But the answer is not to panic and shift it all at the border in fear that you are going to be stuck at your next destination with unusable sums of cash. Just bowl into a busy hostel somewhere in a place where people are moving on to other countries soon.  You are never going to be traveling a unique route if you are staying in the same region so someone else will being  exactly the same predicament as you. Travelers on Ghent whole genuinely want to help each other out and are also carrying cash that they can do nothing with. There are currency  converter apps to download so you can figure out the current rate, that way you are getting the true value of your money without having to sacrifice a huge percentage. Just ask around to see if anyone is bound for where you’ve just come from. Everyone wins, except the banks and the border swines of course!
I have recently been packing 4 currencies at any one time which can be a complete mind bender but at least it keeps your mental maths fresh. If ever in doubt just convert to US dollars, the trusty currency that can be  converted almost anywhere, or in the case of el Salvador, is the actual national currency.


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