Yoga in Arizona, catching up with friends and special birthday classes


So my tour of the Americas and sampling of yoga classes kicked off in glorious Arizona a midst the stunning fall colours. We could not have picked a better time to be there, not only was it seasonal change time, but it was my dear friend Perry’s birthday! We could not pass up the opportunity to swing by his beautiful home in Prescott after the Grand Canyon.
So we tried something a little different, a really fast paced vinyasa flow class, in the dark with glow paint and a live DJ. I have to say fast paced vinyasa is never really my style. I always opt for a slower pace, holding poses for longer and really getting a good stretch, but nevertheless this was damn good fun.  The room was packed with sweaty bods making it all the more difficult to hear the instructor over the music but that merely added to the atmosphere. It was a really good giggle and got the heart rate going which was a great warm up for an evening of dancing in the Blackbird Yoga studio.  This is a wonderful little place run by another yogi friend, the fabulous Miss Kelly Thornton, and has quaint charm right in the centre of Prescott town.
Next up was Perry Erwin a truly a superb teacher and friend. He has a wonderful yin style up his sleeve that allows you to melt in to the mat. Whats more he led an early morning class, after a full night of dancing…on his birthday! Not only does he teach brilliantly, he effortlessly blends his style with his other handiwork. Shoe Chef Unlimited is a wonderful mix of delicious healthy foods combined with classes, so after a session you are able to reward yourself with a scrumptious post practice power boost. His signature asana will leave you floating out of the room, that is if you manage to stay awake. The posture is deeply relaxing and opens up the chest and heart toward the sky with the support of bolsters. I won’t give too much away as to try is far better to try it out for yourself.
It was wonderful seeing old pals on the other side of the world and I am so grateful for their hospitality. One day in another part of the globe we will meet again, with any luck at a Kate Bush concert!


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