Free love in San Francisco


Not too sure how to go about summing up my long weekend in SF. I’m typing this on a megabus to Reno for starters but my senses are a bit battered and numb, probably from the constant fumes inhaled whilst walking the city streets. 4 days probably isn’t nearly enough time to make any decent assessment of any city but I think I can safely say that I really liked this place. We averaged a half marathon in walking everyday but it was worth it to see the sights.
I have never seen such a high concentration of homeless people in one place before, we were perpetually warned by city dwellers to avoid the immediate areas surrounding our hostel in Tenderloin, but I was not sure why until we stepped outside. Our initial shock was the stench of weed every 30 seconds on the streets but this quickly developed into witnessing crack deals within a metre of our faces. The best sight was a woman who appeared to be wearing a thong standing on the pavement because we could see her bum. She had knee high socks, high heeled shoes and a vest top on with a baseball cap…and that was it, her vagine was out in broad daylight for all to see!
We walked the enitirety of Mission Street before tackling a super burrito between us, we’refast becoming a living episode of Man vs Food. Saturday morning we woke up stupidly early and decided to try our luck at beating the crowds to the cable car, we suceeded and grabbed front row seats on the Powell/ Market line all the way to Fishermans wharf. Its such an ancient system but it flies up the hills with ease its just the cranking noises that freak you out. We walked the entire stretch of the bay all the way to Golden Gate Bridge in the heat and wiped ourselves out. It was a crying shame that Alcatraz was closed due to the shutdown because the island looks so fascinating, but spectators were making the most of the sun watching the swim race in the bay. We treated ourselves to a whole tub of Ben and Jerrys as a reward for our incessant trekking for lunch. Whoever thinks it is ok to split a pint of ice cream between two is sadly mistaken, all this walking is necessary in the land of peanut butter.
Sunday was a surreal day spent trying to relive the life of a 1960s hippy. We spent the morning in Haight Ashbury the place where it all began and for some continues to this day. We followed the hoards of people heading to Golden Gate Park for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. 3 days of free music with incredidible bands thanks to a legacy fund that will keep the festival running for 10 years. We got chatting to a lady in the crowd for Billy Bragg’s set. She was telling us all aboutthe good old days of free love and how the introduction of birth control was the best thing that could happen in her life! We then watched Gogol Bordello play the main stage closing the festival with an enormous crowd, turns out that 650,000 people visit over the three days. Steve Martin even played banjo with his band. ?
The only annoyance was that Seb got his phone pinched on the way home on the bus so we spent the entirety of Monday traipsing around different departments in naïve hope that it would be handed in. We went to the basement of the Hall of Justice to check with the evidence room, as soon as the lift doors opened a wall of scent hit us…of weed! Such a sad way to end the weekend but we cheered ourselves up with a New Girl marathon on the megabus to Reno to soften the blow. Next stop, roadtrip time.


3 thoughts on “Free love in San Francisco

  1. What can I say but wow ! just promise me though you will not adopt the dress sense of the ‘lady’ in SF.
    You are right about Stockholm, just mention the medly of islands to Aunty Sue we sat out on deck whilst sailing through them – I even had my sword & horned helmet on – a joke prezzie from Sue but something I keep in my treasure chest in the loft.
    Tried to email you from IOW Friday but could not pick up a wifi @ flats, but just to say the sand is halfway across the roads now – courtesy of very high winds ! Our faces were shot blasted but were determined to walk all the way to Appley – yep we get more stupid with age.
    Nearly got a trip to Sydney & Auckland for March, unfortunately saw the offer too late but will continue with my quest so you never know.
    Had dinner with Nanny, her kitchen looks like a tourist boards office with all the postcards but she is just so happy looking at them.
    Not sure if you’re going to San Diego but give it a wave from me, Panama keep the deet close by.
    So glad to see you’re having a great time, miss you both & take care of each other. Love TGM xx

    • Finally updated the post it only uploaded half of it. Sf was awesome until seb got his phone nicked 😦 but all is well road trip was amazing I’ll write a proper post about it on the plane to mexico hopefully. Currently in LA for haloween celebrations. Love to all x

    • Just got your text message, forgot to write about the australia plans, so exciting, you really should go. We have bad news, seb cant get the visa he needs for working in australia so we will probably have to change our flights to sydney to another country, really frustrating 😦 really wish we could meet you there. If only we could get hitched and get seb an english passporti n time!!!!

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