You and me girl sittin’ in the Swiss mountains

DSC_0151Switzerland is every bit as beautiful as I hoped it would be.  Despite the fact that the heavens opened from the moment I arrived until the second I left, we managed to get one glorious day of sunshine in the mountains. I got to see some snow in September, dressed in full ski gear!DSC_0199 Anyone who claims that Switzerland has so much money they don’t know what to do with it, would be right in thinking exactly that.  They resort to origami apparently, try paying with a 10 franc note folded into a shirt and tie without being laughed at.


One of the coolest things about planning a long drive through the mountains is consulting a wonderful Italian Nonna.  Without her expertise we would have been in a right two and eight, she redirected us home after finding out on the radio that all the passes were closed.  We forgot the sat nav and instead used the incredible treasure trove of old maps stored in her spare room.  The one Seb is studying here was over 50 years old. Felt like the geography geek within me was getting a real treat.

DSC_0197I wish I could upload the video of me doing my over excited fondue dance.  It is entirely the wrong season to be having one but I was utterly determined to melt some cheese before leaving Zurich.  It is like consuming a brick, but its a delicious one! I could safely say that I could shack up in any nation that consumes this much cheese. Amazing food but really heavy, you feel like an egg on legs most of the time post dinner. My favourite meal still has to be spatzli for sure, although closely followed by the rostis in Bern.  I would have to go on quite a strict chocolate quota if living here long term though, even the cheapest stuff is of exceptional quality so I would be morbidly obese in no time.
We managed to pay visits to both Bern and Luzern along the way, two beautiful old cities, and I’m so glad that the bears finally got moved to their much nicer enclosure, can’t quite believe that this only happened in 2009.  Stunning country, would like to go back in winter and see more snow.


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