Stockholm syndrome

DSC_0209After only a few hours in England I set off for Sweden, in 6 easy steps, car, train, tube, train, flight, coach, before getting hopeless lost trying to find our hostel.  Turns out is is only a 15 minute walk but when you’re that tired you will wander anywhere aimlessly. DSC_0218 The best luck we could have ever hoped for was the the turn out of glorious Swedish late summer sun, it was truly blinding.  We headed over to the Vasa museum, and to paraphrase countless others ‘I don’t like ships or museums, but I bloody loved this’. It was like stepping back in time to an age of pirates, seeing how they sailed in the flesh.  It is parked right next to the ABBA museum, something I couldn’t face due to our constant chiquitita soundtrack looping in our heads.



Had to sample the obvious, Swedish meatballs, with mashed potatoes and sour berries, utterly scrum. In summary a beautiful city, with a surprising lack of nightlife.  Well worth seeing in the summer but get a bike, the labyrinth of islands are quite hard to navigate.

Just for reference, it is probably not acceptable to sing a Gangnam style remix with Gamla Stan inserted when wondering around the old town, but if you do it will remain in your head for the best part of a week.


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