NHC – Notting Hill Carnival

Notting-Hill-CarnivalCarnival 2013 for me has been the best year yet.  Last year I was hardcore and went to both the Sunday and Monday, experiencing the difference between the both days.  They are completely different atmospheres altogether, and now a little older and carnival wiser, I think I can safely say I’m a Sunday girl, an all round family funday kind of bird.  No more shall I be the feet coming off the ground and dodging hands up skirts in crowds victim.  Yet again I managed to come away having not eaten anything.  I don’t know how I manage it every time, you’d think the rum would make me crave decent soul food.

The power of a good drum beat and the excessively loud bass never ceases to amaze me, it is nearly impossible to resist dancing. It makes me so excited for Brazil now too.

I read the stats this year on policing the carnival.  I have to say they did an excellent job, 6,000 officers present on the Sunday, you couldn’t move 10 metres without spotting luminous yellow jackets, yet everyone was in good spirits and the atmosphere was amazing.  The YouTube footage of the three officers dancing is incredible and restores your faith for future carnivals to come. I have a great deal of respect for the police each and every year, I cannot imagine how daunting it is to manage crowds of millions within a few streets.

britain-notting-hill-carnivalI’m always left a little bit bemused by the grinding.  OK we get it, its carnival, but the rapeyness of some of the acts you witness leave you scarred for life.  You need to have serious strength to resist some of the grabbing. I had to resist photographing some of the ‘sandwiches’ eurgh!

I also have another complaint that makes me sound so out of the loop but here goes…what is the fascination with only playing 30 seconds of an amazing song to then shuffle on the next? IT IS INFURIATING! You get really excited by a track, start dancing and singing along, then it disappears.

I hope to attend next year but fear a massive let down after witnessing Brazil 2014, but doubt it will stop me turning up all the same. This time I must eat as soon as I arrive, I need to put an end to the NHC Foster famine!


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