Round two – North, Central and South America to Australia

So that’s it flights are booked and the mammoth planning session begins.  This time there is so much to think about across 3 continents but I’m excited nonetheless.  Even more so by the fact that I have a partner in crime joining me for the ride. After a superb summer together Seb and I will continue our travels round the world. We have the skeleton mapped out as the following:
north central south america
 London Heathrow → New York
03.10.2013 New York JFK → San Francisco
26.10.2013 Los Angeles → New Mexico
10.12.2013 San Jose → Panama
13.12.2013 Panama → Lima
07.03.2014 Rio de Janeiro → Sydney

There are no flights booked beyond March as we are planning to work in Australia for a little while before planning onward routes, but hopefully planning to hop across to New Zealand before heading back to Europe.

Between now and then I have a wee trip to Switzerland to see to, and my dear friend bought me the greatest birthday present of all…flights, a nice weekend in Stockholm. So its going to be a bit hectic before leaving, just need to get my organised head on now.  I still feel really privileged to be living out my dream, even though some days I get huge waves of panic that overwhelm me with thoughts of planning car hire, insurance and visa applications, all the rubbish bits about traveling that no one likes to talk about, but the underlying desire to see the world soon shakes it off.
I will endeavour to keep blogging during this next round of travels, its proved a great way to stay in touch with people and I thoroughly enjoy looking back on the last year online and seeing my life in pictures and words, it helps make it all feel a bit more real.


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