Holi festival of colour

I had a superb birthday this year.  The memories of turning 25 at Battersea Power Station before it became swanky flats will stay with me forever, well at least the bits before we started drinking.

I was distraught having missed the legit Holi Festival of Colour in India by only 3 days, so I was chuffed when I got to celebrate it in a different light.  The European tour certainly isn’t as authentic as the real deal but it was a great was to celebrate turning a quarter of a century.

The weather was incredible all day so the colours jump out in all of the pictures. There was a countdown every hour for people to throw paint, so by the end of the evening we had a nice dusty coating of powder paint.

holi colour
We formed a birthday cult, wearing disposable jumpsuits with messages written on the back.  The music was great, we were the last people to leave the site, out of the thousands of guests we were truly escorted off nearly missing our last train home.  The bathwater was an interesting shade of turquoise for a number of days afterwards but it was well worth it. I was just so lucky that this took place on my actual birthday and thankful to the Holi staff that took care of us all day.


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