UK festivals – yoga in a field

So just going to festivals, let alone working at them can be extremely exhausting work. So if you need an outlet to restore your energies the best place to do it is at an outdoor yoga class. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with glorious weather during the events I worked. Summer 2013 was kind and allowed me to share my practice with willing participants.
Teaching classes in the morning is not only beneficial with the blessing of the early sun, but also peaceful as all the revelers are passed out in their tents. Whether you have been unkind to your body or not at a festival, this is a brilliant way to relax and take stock of the weekend adventures. The healing fields at Glastonbury often has classes if you’re ever fortunate enough to get a ticket.
Luckily for me as a newly certified teacher, I was surrounded by friends who were more than happy to test my new skills. You will be surprised by how many people show interest and join in. After all if you saw a circle of people on mats stretching in a field for the first time, you’d be a bit curious too.
I’ll be eternally grateful to the people that came along to my earliest classes and even more grateful for the rare English sunshine that shone upon us.


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