Honey I’m home

It feels really strange being back in blighty, simply because it doesn’t feel strange.  It doesn’t feel like I left at all in fact.  I was met by Nanny and Mum and my Aunty Sue at Heathrow, equipped with a homemade glittery sign attached to a fly swatter!

ImageThey met me with the requested welcome committee supplies of a flask of green tea, but I got a box of macaroons to boot.  We then headed to Nanny’s for some crumpets and Marmite, the staple foods I had been missing.

ImageI’m already enjoying the creature comforts, the simple things in life, the water from a tap luxuries and the distinct lack of cockroaches.  My sleeping pattern is all over the shop. I was up at 5am in Kathmandu and didn’t get to sleep until 1:30am in England, so only 1 hour sleep in 25 has turned me upside down. Very excited for the summer so it feels good to be back.




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