What to do?

Having arrived in Pokhara and being greeted by the rains it was essential to find a wet weather plan. A plan that didn’t involve a leech fest.
I saw a painting in Dharamshala and fell in love with it but it was far too big and too late in the day to commission one so I let go of the pipe dream.
However a studio with similar work resides just a few doors down from my guesthouse so I made some enquiries. Low and behold myself and Manoj are now working collaboratively on a piece. So the picture above gives you some insight into my new home for the next week. I have only 7 days until I leave town so we’re really up against the wall but I’ll document the ongoing process.
It all starts with the anally retentive geometry to get the proportions and alignment right so I’m back in heaven again after chakra club closed down.
You must get all of the precise measurements correct right down to every millimeter otherwise you have to start again. Luckily there was only one learning curve but I wish it could have been learned on rough paper!
Now everything is sketched out and ready for colour and its crushing watching all of your hard work being painted over to create the base coat. But fear not all is well the outline still shows through enough.  The canvas is quite rough for fine line work so we had to paint over the plastic finish acrylic with an emulsion to get a better base. I’ve used a yellow ocre base coat for warmth as I want the colours to be subtle and natural. Some of the thanka works are really bright garish patterns using uv paints. This is a more contemporary adaption to suit the hallucinagenic loving market. I’ve opted for the 300 year old traditional route only using soft and peaceful colours that come from the earth.
This is the progress limit for day 3 with a Beatles backcatalog soundtrack. Most of the linework is done and the shading in the lower half is starting to take place. Really pleased to see how its coming together.
I had joked about needing a project to get some focus here otherwise the days just disappear with nothing to show for it. This at first seemed like I’d bitten off more than I could chew. But I’m really glad I bothered.
After day 4 we are now finished. It was worth the patience invested, it looks fantastic. Sadly the picture doesn’t do it any justice as it looks really stark but I’ll try and get a good shot up later.


3 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. You are telling me you drew that? And then painted it? Seriously? Wow! It looks really good. Can i commision one of me?! xx

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