By the time I made it to Kathmandu I was a complete zombie. A man one seat across from me was sick on the nightbus to Delhi so I finally made use of the facemask to protect me from the smell. I’m so glad I opted to fly in rather than take the 3 day local bus option. Although I’ve managed to get charged twice for the same flight so it’ll be a barrel of laughs trying to claim that back at present.
Kathmandu is really polluted so I continued with my face mask accessorising. I got on a bus to Pokhara after just one night in the capital to try and make the most of the tranquility of the mountains. Lakeside is much more relaxed and the view from my balcony as you can see above is stunning.
I’ve embarked on a time consuming project that’s preventing me from seeing my new environment but as its raining cats and dogs most days its probably for the best that I have something to focus on. More detailed post on that to come.
We decided to kayak around the lake in tandem. Little did we know there was only one in town to hunt down. Ganesh Kayaking stocks the only 2 man kayak as all the solo boats are flown in. The kayak we took was shipped in especially for a sponsored expedition. Turns out that an American climber and a sherpa summited Everest then paraglided down from base camp and spent 29 days making their way to Calcutta by this very kayak. A bit of an intimidating act to follow as it belittled our efforts of making our way around the lake but at least we knew it was a sturdy vessel. Which was extremely fortunate as the black clouds engulfed us from all angles and lightning bolts struck the waters surface with unbelievably loud cracks.
After 6 hours of exercise I have reignited my tiger balm obsession for my shoulders and dead arms.
But this is the lake we navigated so as you can see it was totally worth the aching and fear of electrocution.
We hiked up to Sarangkot to view the fishtail mountain range. It involved a full on physical geography discussion about cloud formations which was right up my street. Luckily enough we were just in time for the cumulonimbus to clear the view leaving only a few wispy stratus clouds. The view of the highest peak (just short of 7000m) was spectacular. Check out those glaciers…
It was a great day for paragliding and lots of people were flying really close to each other so my heart was in my mouth for the entire climb and descent.
I have noticed that most of Asia deems shoes that make the sound of a squeaky toy suitable footwear for public transport and dress their infants in them. They are wrong. It is unacceptable. Especially on hot sweaty buses on winding mountain roads. Made it back to Kathmandu in one piece. 24 hours left in Asia. Mixed emotions doesn’t even cut it.


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