Kate vs. Food

This is a snapshot of the enormous set meal I had at the Japanese restaurant. A not for profit vegetarian set up on Jogiwara Road. Now many people have told me that I really should write a food blog. Mainly because I often have elaborate conversations about food and have even been known to use the adjectives gelatinous, glutenous and stodgy in the same discussion. The inner fat kid inside me would really indulge in this. However these are the reasons why I really shouldn’t.
I’ve been staying in Mcleod Ganj, home to some of the best eateries for a little while now and all my self control left with the taxi that dropped me here. Worst of all I’m staying at Kunga guesthouse attached to the phenomenal Nicks cafe. The staff here are fantastic and the food is delicious. They make their own fresh pasta, pizzas and gnocchi, so a mere few steps from my room is a whole world of temptation. One of the yoga teachers in Rishikesh warned us that this place is a black hole. Self practice goes out the window and all you do is eat all day apparently…he was spot on.
You can find any type of cuisine here imaginable. The newly opened Korean place on Bhagsu Road is out of this world. Yesterday we visited the vegan Maya cafe in Daramhkot. Their smoothies have to be devoured with a spoon as it is too thick to drink through a straw!
I had the most delicious beverage of my life at The Commonground. A scrummy hot white chocolate with cardamon and cinnamon.
The restaurant next door, Lhamo Croissant, bakes fresh daily and the smells wafting in is pure torture. I was very well behaved though and had the club salad there the other day, a salad big enough for 3. It contained home made hummous, delicious English cheddar, boiled egg and tuna. Served in a pyrex dish bigger than my head. All topped off with a delicious fresh dressing and bread straight out the oven.
However last night I had a tuna melt sandwich. Which is 2 bloody doorstep sandwiches! We then shared a piece of banana chocolate cake and a slice of lemon tart. Complete guilty pleasure.
I had my first pizza in 4 months. A Hawaiian to boot. My favourite flavour made in a wood fired oven. It was ridiculously huge but I managed to eat it due to the severe stretching my stomach has undergone since arriving here.
The strange thing about staying here is that you completely defy your body’s instincts. You eat beyond being full and intentionally chose unhealthy things you wouldn’t normally pick. My logical reasoning is that the food really is genuinely incredible. Whatsmore its a quarter of the price you would pay for it in the west. So your brain tells you its a reasonable decision, in fact a sensible one because you could never afford this opulence back home. Needless to say I’ve indulged myself along with everyone around me. But my goodness its been an utterly delicious week. Its a good job I’m leaving this godforsaken town for Nepal tomorrow. The hiking may just with any luck counteract this gluttony.
Now for some food-related comedy gold…
Old monk rum balls in a jar. A local sweet delicacy.
Some ingenious marketing from the Drum Stick Restaurant. Ridiculous logo but a delicious crispy pork with pok choy.
And finally. Have you ever seen a pug eat a whole tomato? Well you have now!


One thought on “Kate vs. Food

  1. love this post!! Its like youre on some sort of life food crawl rather then a pub crawl!! I cant believe youre eating all this strange food but also getting in the good ol’ favs of pizza etc!! I must say i think i would have died of hunger on youir travels with some of the food you have been eatting, even the tuna melt makes me gag a wee bit at my desk!! anyway, thats pretty just me! Im glad your still and finding food! I thought you’d be on rice and bread for most of this journey. Just to let you know i had a double decker fish finger sandwich last night :)) yum!! haha! maybe we should both keep a food diary?! xxx

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